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Home Water Proofing Treatment
Water Proofing Treatment
  • Water proofing Treatment

We supply an extensive and exclusive range of innovative waterproofing products from Tamsi, supplying for commercial projects, trades and do it yourself projects. 

From waterproofing your bathroom, creating a moisture barrier for your planter boxes or a sealer for a retaining wall to sealing your roof, Tamsi offers effective solutions for all waterproofing needs.

Uses for Water proofing treatment

☑ Concrete

☑ Fibre Cement

☑ Metal

☑ Bathrooms and Laundries

☑ Balconies and Decks

☑ Roofs

☑ Planter Boxes

☑ Retaining Walls

☑ Ponds and Water Features

☑ Reverse Subgrade Tanking

☑ Lift Pits

☑ Car Parks

Products generally used for Water proofing treatment


Tamsi Easyprime

Tamsi Easyprime, Primer

Tamsi EASYPRIME is water based, fast drying, general purpose primer designed to be used over porous building surfaces prior to application of Tamsi membranes to provide a strong adhesion to the substrate.

Tamsi Easyprime Plus

Tamsi Easyprime Plus, Primer


Tamsi EASYPRIMEplus is a latex additive used to improve bond strength and waterproof properties of cementitious compounds. When mixed with sand and cement it creates a strong bonding slurry to be used as a waterproof primer and sealer. It can be used over porous and non-porous surfaces in external, underground, exposed or immersed applications.


Tamsi Hydrostop

Tamsi Hydrostop, Epoxy

Tamsi HYDROSTOP is a high quality two component water based epoxy coating/moisture barrier. Chemically cures to form a tough barrier with excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces.

Tamsi Epoprime

Tamsi Epoprime, Epoxy

Tamsi EPOPRIME is a two component water based epoxy used to prime concrete and masonry surfaces.  EPOPRIME cures to form a sound, tough waterproof barrier coating with excellent adhesion to most surfaces.

☑ Internal/External MEMBRANES

Barrier Pu

Tamsi Barrier PU, Membrane

Tamsi BARRIER PU is an advanced elastomeric polyurethane membrane containing high quality resin and fibers designed to be used in both under tile and exposed areas.

Protect Lx

Tamsi Protect LX, Membrane

Tamsi PROTECT LX is a flexible and elastomeric liquid rubber membrane designed for waterproofing wet areas that will be covered over with toppings and/or tiles beds. Excellent as a waterproof membrane for the bathroom.

Hibuild Lx

Tamsi Highbuild LX, Membrane

Tamsi HIBUILD LX is a medium extensibility, fast cure, elasticised, solvent free, reinforced, waterproof membrane. Suitable for use in both new and existing constructions for underground, internal and external areas. Ideal waterproofing membrane for retaining walls and planter boxes.

Tough Pu

Tamsi Tough PU, Membrane

Tamsi TOUGH PU is a high quality UV resistant external trafficable reinforced membrane. Designed to cope with both pedestrian and, if reinforced with fibre sheeting; light vehicle traffic.

Roofshield Pu

Roof Membrane

Tamsi ROOFSHIELD PU is a premium quality elastomeric polyurethane membrane specifically designed to be used as a roof membrane where a strong UV resistant flexible good quality membrane is required. ROOFSHIELD PU has a higher urethane content and added fibre resulting in a strong durable membrane with improved flexibility and longer life.

Insulate Uv

Tamsi Insulate UV, Roof membrane

Tamsi INSULATE UV is a high build elastomeric urethane/acrylic based UV resistant wall and roof waterproofing membrane.

Tamsi waterproofing products are made in Australia and are specially designed to deal with local conditions. 

They back the product with a 10 year warranty. 

If you have any questions about these waterproofing products or need some advice call Wollongong Waterproofing and Industrial Supplies on 4225 9199 for the best advice.


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