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  • Flo-Cell® Drainage Cell 30mm

Flo-Cell® Drainage Cell

Used for the drainage of sports fields, retaining walls and landscaping application.

Flo-Cell® Drainage Cell

The Original Drainage Cell since 1986

Atlantis Flo-Cell® Drainage Cell is a versatile product suitable for many applications.
Flo-Cell® used in conjunction with Atlantis Geo-textile will function as a protective membrane, a filtration layer and provides ventilation to concrete slabs.

Atlantis Flo-Cell® has excellent long term durability with light weight properties and a strong structural design.
The unique design of Flo-Cell® also features water retention cups that provide optimal moisture and remove only excess water.

Size: 30mm (H) x 400mm (W) x 620mm (L)
Compressive Strength: 105 t/m²
Flow Rate:1.41 l/s/m @ 1% gradient




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