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Wollongong Waterproofing and Industrial Supplies stock floats, finishing brooms, gumboots, wheelbarrows, edgers, drainage channels, box drains and trowels.
It is unlikely that you could ever find another partner with such a complete range of waterproofing systems and products and in stock concreting tools within Wollongong.
If there is something you are looking for please browse our products and do not hesitate to contact us for the best advice on 4225 9199.

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  • Back-Set


  • Barrier Tape

    Barrier Tape

  • Blundstone Gumboot

    Blundstone Gumboot

  • 4 Piece Synthetic Brush Set

    Brush Set

  • 2 Piece Synthetic Brush Set

    Brush Set

  • Buckets and Lids

    Buckets and Lids

  • chalk line set

    Chalk Line Set

  • chalk string line

    Chalk String Line


    Chalkline Refills

  • Flat Brushes

    Flat Brushes

  • Foam Joint

    Foam Joint

  • Foamjoint Adhesive

    Foamjoint Adhesive

  • Knee Board

    Knee Board

  • Knee Pad

    Knee Pad

  • Masking Tape 3pk

    Masking Tape 3pk

  • OX Safety Latex Gloves

    Safety Latex Gloves